Starting a Book Club? Read This First

I found an interesting article on titled Best Tips for Creating a Book Club. It contains some good advice and an extensive comment section which may be even more informative.

Revised cover--new and improvedCastle Danger makes an excellent book club selection

Why? Because I’ve put together a list of discussion questions your club can use to stimulate debate. The core story of Castle Danger is a quasi-love¬†story between two people running from their tortured past lives. I present compelling yet flawed characters, put them into stressful situations, and push them to their limits. Readers can always relate to the stress their lives are under and how it sometimes causes them to make irrational decisions. Ultimately, I want my main characters to show their true colors at their darkest moments.We can all learn about ourselves from those situations.

Here’s a link to the Castle Danger Discussion Questions.

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