A Fun Weekend Selling Books and Helping Big Brothers Big Sisters

Bowl For Kids’ Sake

I’ve been a Big Brother since 2000. One of our big fundraisers for the year is Bowl For Kids’ Sake. I won’t go into details other than to say community members and any Bigs or Littles who want to can solicit pledges from donors and raise money for the BBBS programs. Then we celebrate our success by bowling at our local bowling alleys. The event takes place in all BBBS locations across the country. The Southern MN chapter has been doing this for 25 years! We’ve raised tons of money over the years, usually between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.

This year, I was able to set up a table and sell copies of Castle Danger to BFKS attendees. Even though it may not seem like much, I sold thirteen copies combined in our Faribault and Owatonna bowling venues. I also encouraged buyers to “Round Up” their change to $20.00, and I’m donating the additional amount to BBBS. All told, selling thirteen books will mean $36.40 to BBBS.

Last year I was able to donate $250 to BBBS from book sales. This year I hope to increase that amount substantially.

I even got some help selling books from my Little Brother, Ethan. How could you NOT buy a book from this kid? 🙂 He got a book face-painted on his cheek, then went back and had the artist draw on a “C” and a “D” for Castle Danger.

Below are some of the outstanding staff of my BBBS chapter. Baby William will hopefully grow up to be a Big Brother himself. Mom Megan is second from the right.


If you have a few hours per month to mentor a child, contact your local BBBS organization or check the national website, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Little moments. Big Magic.


I had seen this some time ago, but it didn’t click with me until recently. Amazon.com has a way for you to buy anything from their site and also help out your favorite charity. It’s called Amazon Smile, and I’ve connected my account to BBBS of Southern MN. From now on, when I buy something from Amazon.com, BBBS will receive a donation of 0.5% of the purchase price from Amazon.com. Woo hoo! If you’d like to help out me and BBBS, feel free to purchase Castle Danger at Amazon Smile. Then set up your Amazon account with Amazon Smile to donate to BBBS or your favorite charity. Thanks!

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