Grand Rapids, MN. Saturday, June 10.

The Village Bookstore & Gifts

The four-hour drive to Grand Rapids was worth it! Never having been to the store before, and scheduling the event in a relatively short time, I had few expectations for selling many books when I arrived. Boy, was I wrong!

Store manager Jean Healy of the Village Bookstore welcomed me to Grand Rapids.

The managers, Jean Healy and Terry O’Brien, are real pros and did a wonderful job of advertising and promoting my event. Thanks to an ad in the local paper, the Grand Rapids Herald-Review, a customer pre-ordered a copy of Castle Danger. I knew I had at least one sale, and Terry had agreed to purchase six copies from me at wholesale. So I was feeling good when I arrived and saw they had set up a table and a sign for me at their entrance, which happened to be the first store inside the local mall–a big plus.

Setting up for my book signing event.
My sales/signing table at the Village Bookstore
This is almost as good as my back cover blurb, and was probably written in a tenth of the time!

The weather was hot and humid, so I figured most people around there would be outside fishing, boating, biking, or relaxing–but NOT shopping for books. After a slow start, buyers started coming in. By the time I had finished, ten copies of Castle Danger had been either purchased or reserved.

The bonus–a dear older woman who said she wasn’t much of a reader but saw my Big Brother Big Sisters sign saying I donate part of my profits to BBBS and gave me a ten-dollar bill . . . “For the kids.” That was a day maker right there!


  1. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun being a “real” author. I love your enthusiasm and generous spirit. Keep on scribbling.

    1. Thanks, PJ. The fun parts are: being finished with the project, working with indie bookstore owners, and meeting readers and book buyers, and knowing that every sale is one more dollar for BBBS. The rest of the marketing and PR is challenging, to say the least.


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