Thank You, Book Clubs


Sorry for the delay in posting. It was a hectic week of travel after I met with another excellent book club to discuss Castle Danger on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. What a charming, intelligent group of woman! I instantly felt at ease as each introduced herself to me. We chatted briefly, getting to know each other a bit before sitting down to a delicious dinner with wine that relaxed everyone ‘just enough.”

Meeting with book clubs who discuss my writing has become my favorite perk as a writer. I only have two groups to base that upon, but so far, wow. It is so gratifying to meet readers who read and understood the story. Each of them seemed to have thought seriously about the themes, characters, and moral dilemmas. It was also fun to give them my take on some of the technical stuff like the writing process, choosing character names, and developing a plot and setting for the novel.

Thanks again to Dr. Beth, Deb, Laura, Sharron, Steph, Dawn, and Carol for a special evening. The conversation was stimulating, revealing, and I was pleased that you all enjoyed the discussion questions I prepared for Castle Danger.  I hope to be invited back to discuss my next novel, Straight River, with this group of book lovers in the future.

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