A Book Club Discussion with a Twist

My readers continue to amaze me, especially those who belong to book clubs that have featured Castle Danger. For my third book club encounter, the members added a unique twist to the evening. That twist put the book club discussion over the top as far as cool goes.

The Tuesday Night Book Club: Holly, Tinia, Sarah, Stacy, Diane, Miranda.

Unbeknownst to me, a company called Castle Danger Brewery began producing craft beer in 2011. When I chose Castle Danger as my book’s title sometime in about 2013 or 2014, I still wasn’t aware of the beer makers. I only knew of the unincorporated town on the North Shore of Lake Superior that I’d passed through dozens of times on family vacations and trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Shortly after publication,  I noticed that Castle Danger beer was now available in my hometown liquor stores and restaurants. “What a coincidence?” I thought although it was about two years after the fact.

So imagine my surprise and delight when the six women in this particular book club had decided to do a Castle Danger beer tasting “in honor” of my appearance. What fun! They had purchased four or five varieties, and someone brought those small plastic tasting cups one often sees in liquor stores when they offer free samples of wine or beer to customers. So we could have little sips of all the beers and still manage to stay on topic. To their credit, they talked mostly about the book. We only chatted a little bit about the beer–which is very good, by the way.

Showing off our books and beer simultaneously. Go, Castle Danger!

Even though I’ve attended three outstanding book clubs this year, the Tuesday Night Book Club has raised the bar for future book clubs who decide to read and discuss Castle Danger. I’m not suggesting the meetings should devolve into drunken gabfests, but I sure wouldn’t mind being offered a sip of the latest Castle Danger beer at my next book club appearance. *Hint–I’m partial to IPAs. 😉

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