Happy Easter

Straight River Cover

I hope everyone is spending this holiday with loved ones and taking a break from our busy lives to reflect on the message of Easter. No matter your faith or lack thereof, Jesus was inspirational in that he promoted peace, Continue reading Happy Easter

Visiting the Mark Twain Museum

Traveling to North Carolina last week for a family wedding led us back through Hannibal MO the other day and a visit to the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum. The controversy over his most famous works, The Adventures of Continue reading Visiting the Mark Twain Museum

Little Brother Ethan at the National Eagle Center

Little Brother Ethan at the National Eagle Center (reposted from chrisnorbury.com)

Rant about Quicken

Quicken, the financial software from Intuit, is the only electronic application (whether software, hardware, in-between-ware, or cabana wear), with which I have a love-hate relationship. I love Quicken because it allows me to still prepare my own income tax return. Continue reading Rant about Quicken

Getting Old Sucks, Yet I’m Grateful

I’ll be 60 in two months and Thanksgiving has given me pause to consider what I’m thankful for, so here goes. Getting old sucks. Plain and simple. Especially for those of us fortunate enough to have enjoyed excellent health for Continue reading Getting Old Sucks, Yet I’m Grateful

Clubs, Quilts, and ‘Cue

(Nothing Neo-Renaissance about today’s post other than the concept of taking an idea and running with it until it has ballooned into something quite different from what you started with.) As an adult, I’ve never been a big fan of Continue reading Clubs, Quilts, and ‘Cue

Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?

As it happens, I’m due for a blog post (woefully dragging my heels lately. Can’t even manage two posts per month.). So I thought I’d combine two stones and a bird, or two birds and one stone … something like Continue reading Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?

The Laugh of the Day for Anyone Who Has Ever Flown on a Commercial Airline

I was going to write about the 2015 University of Wisconsin-Madison Writers’ Institute I attended this weekend, but my mom sent me this and I just had to share it. I’ll save the UWWI post for later.