Since this is one of the most politically important eras in recent American history, I’m adding to my blog two links to websites which I think are outstanding at what they do. The first, Congress.org, is a non-partisan resource that keeps you current on all bills before Congress. The site encourages people to voice their opinions to their representatives in Washington on any issue they feel is important.

The second link, to DownsizeDC.org. This website espouses the philosophy that the Federal Government is too big, too powerful, and needs to be reduced in scope and size. If you agree with that concept, this is the best website I’ve seen for facilitating direct contact with your elected representatives. The best way is via email to tell them what bills you would like to see enacted or defeated, that would reduce or limit the Federal government’s presence in our lives.  Once you register, it only takes a few mouse clicks to fire off an email to your leaders and tell them what you think. Highly recommended.

From time to time I will address politics on this blog. I’ve been a registered Libertarian Party member and contributor since 2004. I’ve voted for Libertarian Party candidates when possible since 1988. That year, Congressman Ron Paul ran for President on the Libertarian ticket. My opinions lean toward less government and more personal responsibility. Nevertheless, I won’t let this blog turn into a lightning rod for what passes for political debate these days (name-calling, bashing, cursing, shouting others down who don’t agree with you, etc.). The few times I might share my political views with any blog readers will be civil, open-minded, fair, and respectful of people’s opinions. If you don’t share those desires in political discussion, don’t bother reading or responding.

Until next time.


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