Happy Independence Day

Not much to say now, just trying to keep the posts coming at a  steady pace. It’s been a busy time lately with golf tournaments, preparing for family visits, trying to repair a canoe, finishing the novel and doing critiques at CC (critiquecircle.com). I wish it was winter so I’d be able to work on the book more, because the end is in sight for the first draft. 85,000 words and counting, but sure to be edited down to well under 80,000 (IMO) before I’m ready to send it to prospective publishers.

One of life’s simple pleasures happened yesterday to ease the tension and put things in perspective- dinner at Mom’s. It was a great time to see most of the Mpls. area folks except for sis who was up in northern WI for the weekend with her hubby. Dinner was simple: burgers, brats, baked beans, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, dips, and other various munchies, along with wine, beer and soft drinks. The highlight was Mom’s potato salad- homemade and one of the best recipe’s I’ve tasted, ever. It was so good I swore off taking the easy way out next time and buying store-bought. Her love was in every bite. It was fresh, flavorful, nutritious and one of the reasons I love Mom so much. She always made sure we had food, not just any old food, but good tasting, nutritious food, mostly home-made, very little out of a can or box for dinner, and drive-throughs and pizza delivery were virtually non-existant (and she wouldn’ t have used them anyway). I think we only got to eat at McDonald’s once as a family that I can remember. If we kids wanted to eat there, we were more than welcome to save our allowance or work money and pay for it ourselves.

Thanks to Mom, I and my brother and sister all have a love of cooking and making quality meals, especially during family get togethers. We’re kind of European in that regard, and I’m grateful to Mom and Dad for instilling that respect for food into each of us.

I hope you all spent some quality time with family or friends this holiday weekend and enjoyed at least one simple pleasure of your own. Is anyone else into food and cooking as much as I am?

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