Yes, but there exists a Third Side

Warning: Political commentary in the form of a link and a short personal opinion.

The Wrong Side Absolutely Must Not Win

The Third Side is the Libertarian Party along with the inspired statesmanship of Congressman Ron Paul. Check them out if you’re finally realizing that both major parties are leading the United States to disaster sooner rather than later.

The last twelve years have shown us that both the Democrats and Republicans are no longer capable of prudent government. The sole reason they exist is to acquire and divide up our money and the power to rule the nation with no regard for individual freedom or responsibility. Continuously voting for the lesser of two evils still gets us evil government.

We must look for alternatives to politics as usual because politics has nothing to do with effective government, and effective government is what we need now more than ever.

Have you ever studied or investigated a third party or different view of politics? What did you learn?

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