Need inspiration? Look to other masterful artists and craftspersons for creative stimulation.

All writers need to generate story ideas on a regular basis. I find the best times to do that are just sitting in a quiet spot with a notebook answering “what if” questions. But when I’m stumped for ideas using that method, I turn to activities or media that stimulate my senses: music, art, craft, even cooking can stir an idea. Ex: I’ll bet Isak Dinesen, the author of “Babette’s Feast” enjoyed fine food and wine.

And sometimes, witnessing greatness and perfection is all it takes. To that end, I submit¬†this video, one of the most astounding feats pulled off by a human that I’ve ever seen. Setting the video to a gorgeous soundtrack certainly helped, but I instantly came up with four or five great titles for stories, and I’ll watch it again to see what themes, concepts, or storylines I can generate while daydreaming to visual and auditory¬†feast.


What did you think? Have any other video or audio treasures to share? Comments always welcome.

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