NaNoWriMo Update

15,347 words as of Nov. 9. I’m 344 words ahead of pace! I’m on track to finish and feeling good. I have to say that plotting before writing ROCKS!

I can’t say enough for planning out a story before actually starting to write. I am now a 100% believer in plotting over pantsing. Thanks to Larry Brooks and his blog for first opening my eyes. Thanks to Jennifer Blanchard at her website for doing the online course that helped me put Larry’s ideas into practice. Plotting rocks, boys and girls.

I’m only on the fourth scene that I planned out of well over sixty scenes I’ve sketched, so obviously something will have to give, since I’m more than 25% finished time-wise and word-wise. I tend to overwrite, so I’ll most likely be doing a lot of cutting, but I’ll worry about that when I get through. Right now, the rest of the month is about letting the ideas bubble to the surface and letting the words flow onto the screen.

Next week will be challenging because my wife and I will be in Washington, DC, for some business and vacation time. But I’ll at least attempt to write my 1667 words each day. Just putting something down every day gives me momentum to finish, because catching up after missing a day or two is tough. I’ve already done that once.

So if you’re a “Wrimo,” stop reading, stop checking email and Facebook and Twitter, and get butt in chair and start writing. Good luck.

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