NaNoWriMo Update–week 3

I’m at 33,177 words, slightly behind, but still confident. Thanksgiving makes it tough to write, especially when I’m the cook and spend all day in the kitchen. Plus, house guests for the weekend make it tough to find time to write. So I plan to blitz my keyboard during the last week. Once I get in a groove, I find it’s easy to write three or four thousand words in a day.

I have found that reading the last scene I wrote, maybe making a few minor corrections or tweaks, gets me into a writing mode so I can start a new scene with some momentum. I know that’s frowned upon by the “experts” who say don’t edit or rewrite at all. So far, I haven’t thought it was a problem, despite the fact I’m behind in my word count.

My next post will wrap up my first NNWM experience.

How’s your writing going? Doing NaNoWriMo? Thinking about doing it next year?

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