A Health Issue all Neo-Renaissancers Should Know About (Updated)

One of the four cornerstones of a Neo Renaissance (NR) life is Physical. A sub heading of that is Health,  the most important aspects of physical well-being. If you’re not healthy, you can’t successfully achieve balance in the other three NR cornerstones: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual.

Eating well is the foundation for good health. Garbage in, garbage out is the cliché. I, along with probably most other Americans, always assumed no-calorie or low-calorie soft drinks, flavored waters, juices, etc. were benign, and much healthier for one than drinking sugar-laden sodas and flavored drinks. Turns out, if half of what is said in this blog post is correct, we may be doing more harm to our bodies with no calorie options than if we drank all the various forms of sugar-water the beverage industry bombards us with daily.

The Food Babe is my new favorite blog. I’ve read several of her posts and although I haven’t verified the accuracy of all her claims, I’ve done enough research on my own to know that there is much truth in what she says. I’ll be reducing, and hopefully eliminating (old habits die hard) my intake of diet soft drinks for the sake of my own health.

This blog link will go onto the Blog Roll section of my website and I hope you read it or discover other health-promoting websites and blogs on your own. Feel free to share any of your finds with me. If they look trustworthy, I’ll spread the word.

UPDATE 9/23/13

The jury is still out (me) on whether her blog and website are fair and accurate (and educational), or just entertainment packaged as information. After watching a few of her videos, I wonder if she isn’t recycling and sensationalizing these topics just to garner followers of her blog and website. The information seems to be accurate, but how serious are the downsides she implies? What do you think?

UPDATE 9/30/13

As proof that even internet information which seems to be correct may only contain a grain of truth, or may be outdated, or misinterpreted, or manipulated for gain by one side or another, I offer this rebuttal of the Food Babe Blog’s claim that castoreum (a substance derived from the anal glands of beavers) is used to make “natural flavoring.”


The food producers man be covering their butts (pun most certainly intended), or this may apply only to certain producers. Us consumers rarely learn the whole truth. The bottom line here is be proactive consumers, especially of the food you eat. It’s no one’s fault but your own if you choose to be an ignorant eater.

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