Take Two: Sometimes the Only Thing That Can Relax You is Music

Okay everyone, break time. It’s been a tough day, tough week, tough month maybe. (Tell me about it! I’ve been trying to get this post out for a day-and-a-half. Hoping this gets to everyone in it’s complete form.)

Attribution: http://www.flickr.com/people/47182952@N03

You’re frazzled, overworked, under rested, need a break, need some inspiration, some clue that even though life is tough, it’s worth living if only for the beautiful sights and sounds the art world gives us, sometimes right under our noses.

So get a coffee or tea or other beverage, turn off the phone, close the door, turn off the lights, put on your best headphones or ear buds connected to your computer (or use your good free-standing stereo speakers), close your eyes–or, if you have a pleasant view, look out your window,–and just listen. Nothing else, just listen. Let the music take you to wherever your mind allows.

Relax and get rid of your stress with The Sublime Eva Cassidy:


Recharge and get inspired with The Ridiculous Joyousness of Sam Robson:


Feel better? Thought so. :-) A smart psychotherapist would play this music and another 45 minutes of music from these two geniuses, charge you a hundred bucks, and you’d feel exactly the same as you do right now.

A Neo Renaissance life benefits from relaxing and recharging. One excellent way to do that is to stop the big stuff (work, relationships, family, technology, electronic toys, etc.) and spend some time with yourself. Listen to some new music, look at new artwork, walk in a new park, attend a new play, an opera, a concert, heck, even try a new cuisine. Get out of your comfort zone in a small way, see the world from a different angle, think a new thought or two.

My question: What/who relaxes you?


*Sorry about the goof ups with earlier posts today. My desktop computer was acting up and accidentally posted when I pressed some sort of mystery key or clicked a certain dialogue box.*


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