A Season of Loss

It’s been a season of loss for me in December and January. My mother-in-law, my brother’s father-in-law, and a good golf buddy of mine all passed away in the past six weeks. They were all loved by many and will be missed. Each one was a down to earth good person. Not flashy or famous or rich or powerful. Each raised their children the best they could and left a legacy of strong, independent children who are succeeding in the world. All that death leaves me melancholy and reflective of my mortality. I appreciate my mother much more, as do I appreciate in-laws that I actually enjoyed being around and who weren’t the stereotypical families that clashed with our own families. In that spirit of reflection tinged with melancholy, I leave you with another Sam Robson gem he posted to YouTube recently.

Suitable for the Neo-Renaissance life because death is something we all must confront on all four levels: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual. May you all appreciate the wonderful people in your lives before they leave this world.

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  1. Sorry for your losses, Chris. It’s tough when multiple deaths occur within a short period of time like that. May reflecting on the lives they lived bring you some solace.

  2. Thanks, PJ. We’ve had some great conversations with family members about both in-laws’ passings. It does provide some comfort to remember the good things about a person.


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