Innovative Thinking and Goverment are Mutually Exclusive

I came across this fascinating video the other day and got thinking about how creative people are constantly creating, inventing, and building a better mousetrap.

The great Renaissance thinkers of the middle of the last millennium achieved their greatness because rather than looking at the world as it was and asking “Why?”, they imagined the world as it might be and asked “Why not?”

One of the reasons those great thinkers helped society to make huge leaps forward in science, math, art, and technology (think printing press, not word processor), was that they were not bound by rules, regulations, restrictions, supervision, licensing, taxing that have become ubiquitous in the era of intrusive and bloated governments.

The creators of this clever, space-saving furniture are true Neo-Renaissance thinkers because they saw an opportunity to advance society in a subtle way. Think about how furniture like this can reduce the need for large living spaces, which means reduced use of energy in those smaller living spaces, which means a direct contribution to alleviating man’s impact on global warming. Not too bad for folding furniture. DaVinci would have been impressed.

What better mousetraps have you built, seen built, or would like to see built?

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