Family Support is More Important Than We Realize

When I tell people I write novels, I often get strangely vague reactions that imply, “Hmm, this guy must be mildly delusional to think he can actually write 300-page novels.”  Or they may say, “Oh-h-, that’s interesting,” and change the subject of conversation.

Most writers know we are different from the average person, and the most confident among us don’t worry about it. But deep down, getting support from your family–whether explicit cheerleading or implicit acceptance and non-judgmental actions–can make a big contribution to a writer’s confidence.

I’m lucky to have a family who is very accepting of my writing adventure. Two of them showed their support by purchasing a book from me. My sister, Cathy, even prepared a small cocktail party reception in her home for an impromptu book signing.

Sister Cathy watches me sign her copy of Castle Danger. Note the delicious meat, cheese, and cracker plate in the foreground. Mmm!

Sister-in-Law Kay was there too. She’s been bragging me up to her friends and family.

Sister-in-law Kay with her signed copy of Castle Danger
Sister-in-law Kay with her signed copy of Castle Danger

She and my brother, Stuart, were able to make the time to drive down from the Twin Cities to attend my Book Launch Celebration at Perfect Day Cakes and Bakery. I hope you and your family can attend too. Come for a cupcake, buy a good book for  a summer read, and help a worthy cause. I will donate $1.00 for each copy sold of Castle Danger to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN.

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