Walking the Walk as a “Full-Time” Big Brother

I’m pleased and excited to announce that I “upgraded” my Big Brother status from a school site mentor (a Big who meets with his little once a week but only at school) to a community-based match. This means Ethan and I are now matched year-round and can get together outside of school and during the summers as well.

We’ve been school site buddies for three school years. Ethan just finished third grade and is a terrific kid, as are most of the Littles I’ve met. Despite the problems at home that motivate parents to enroll their children in the Big Brother Big Sister program, these kids tend to be amazingly resilient and energetic.

Here’s a link to our official first-day-of-the-match photo: BBBS of Southern MN Facebook

My longer term writing goal is to attempt a middle-grade novel featuring a Big Brother and a Little Brother. The Little, with some help from his Big, will solve a tough mystery, overcome a big challenge, or save the day in some way. I just might name the main character Ethan. 😀

Book Sales Mean Extra Donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters

Don’t forget, I’ll donate $1.00 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN for every copy of Castle Danger I sell. If you haven’t bought a copy yet, the book is available to order from your favorite bookstore. You can also purchase Castle Danger online from booklocker.com and all the usual online bookselling outlets like amazon.com. If you know me and live nearby, see me in person for an autographed print copy. All eBook formats are available too.

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