Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Most of you know that I am a volunteer Big Brother and a huge supporter of the program. I’ve been matched with two Little Brothers during almost all that time. I took about a year off after my first match ended after more than 11 years (Zach “graduated” from the program–meaning he turned 18 and/or graduated from high school.)

Now I’m matched with Ethan, a bubbly, energetic, charming 9-year-old who is full of enthusiasm and energy. We’re into our 4th year together. I always tell people how great the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is when it comes up in conversation. Recently, my local BBBS organization asked me to record a short public service announcement for them to use on their Facebook page and other media. It focuses on the dire need BBBS has for MALE volunteers. We always have a waiting list of children hoping to be matched with a Big. The large majority of those kids are boys who need a Big Brother.

I’ve  Walked the BBBS Walk for 16-plus years, and now here’s my first major “Talk the Talk.”

Your chance to help BBBS

The reason I posted that video here is to remind you that another way I try to talk the talk is to donate $1.00 to BBBS of Southern Minnesota for each copy I sell of Castle Danger.

So if my short video touches your heart in any way, please buy a copy of Castle Danger for you or for someone as a gift, tell your friends and family to buy a copy, donate to your local BBBS organization, or do the ultimate and volunteer to become a Big Brother or a Big Sister. It only takes a few hours per month of your time. The benefits for the children helped by BBBS are boundless. The rewards to you as a Big are ten times greater than the time and effort you give to your Little.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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