Book Clubs and Authors

Book Clubs–a New Experience

I had the great pleasure of meeting with and speaking with my first book club the other day and it was fantastic.

A friend invited me and I agreed to come and talk and answer questions about Castle Danger. We also enjoyed some adult beverages and a delicious dinner provided by our hosts, Julie and her husband Grady. (Small world–Grady and I were goalies on our high-school soccer team! I graduated a year before he did. He and Julie recently moved to Owatonna, where we live, and we’ve renewed our friendship.)

The book club members who were present at my first speaking engagement. L to R: Julie, Julie (standing), Sara (kneeling), Jean, Carol, Julie, me, Rhonda. (Yes, I know, lots of Julies!)

The women were all sharp, engaged, and asked great questions about my writing process, my career, and the evolution of an idea for a story into a full-length novel. We also went through a list of discussion questions I’ve posted on my website. That led to some lively commentary and opinions.

I was gratified to hear that some of the more subtle messages and character traits I tried to indicate through my writing came through. I also appreciated that each reader came away with a slightly different perception of characters, plot lines, and highlights and lowlights. All served to remind me that even though we commercially oriented authors are writing for a target audience of one “idealized” reader, each person who reads the book will read it through they eyes of their life experiences, perceptions, and preconceived notions about almost everything.

Still, most seemed to have enjoyed reading Castle Danger, no matter what parts moved them or didn’t. That to me indicated I had successfully communicated a story worthy of their time and money.

So thanks to Julie and her book club. I’ll never forget them because they were my first book club. I couldn’t have asked for a better initiation into the world of authors meeting readers.

Looking for an Author to Meet with Your Book Club?

I am more than willing to travel (within reason) and speak to any book club that will have me. If your book club is interested or you know of a book club looking for a good book to read that might be of interest, let me know. My email is chrisnorburywriter@gmail com.

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