Indie Author Day Report

Despite cool, rainy weather (which usually encourages indoor activities), attendance was low for my Indie Author Day presentation at the Owatonna Public Library on Saturday, Oct. 14. Nevertheless, our small group had a lively discussion after I talked about the writing and publishing revolution that I’ve watched unfold over the past ten years.

Mark Blando (r), Director of the Owatonna Public Library

Mark Blando, the new Library Director, was my gracious, accommodating host. The atmosphere was comfortable, and our small but engaged group chatted long past the allottedĀ one hour.

I turned my talk into a more casual small group discussion to better connect with readers.

Publishing, led by the growing tidal wave of Indie Authors (those who choose to publish their books with little or no help from the traditional agent/publisher model), is indeed undergoing a revolution. It’s a similarĀ revolution to what the music business faced starting with the file-sharing craze back in the 1990s with companies like Napster and the advent of purchasing and storing individual music tracks on computers, iPods, and MP3 players.

I’ve experienced the revolution first hand when I decided to indie publish Castle Danger. It’s not that one form of publishing is better than the other. Rather, the two paths offer different advantages and disadvantages. However, the pendulum seems to be turning more toward indie publishing as a way for authors to earn more as well as retain more control over their books.

Writing and publishing are seeing similar changes. Authors are selling their books more directly to consumers through their websites, sites such as, and via eBooks. Most authors receive little or no promotion or advertising help from traditional publishers if they went that route. It’s a time of upheaval in publishing. For better or for worse, this Indie Author has a ringside seat for the revolution.

Thanks to Mark and the folks who came out to meet me on Indie Author Day. The event is only in its the second year, and I hope it continues to grow.

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