Still not a Dream–Part 2

Always cool to see yourself listed in a major writing magazine for winning an award.

My copy of the March 2018 issue of Writer’s Digest open to the page which shows Castle Danger’s Honorable Mention in the 2017 Writer’s Digest Self-published Book Awards.

A total of forty-four books either won their category or received an honorable mention. More than 2,300 books were entered in the contest. A small sample compared with the hundred’s of thousands of self-published books released each year, but still, 44 divided by 2300 is less than 2%, so the competition was pretty stiff. WD doesn’t say how many books competed in each genre. But since there were 10 honorable mentions in the category, the largest number in any category, I figure there had to be several hundred books entered in the genre category.

Not bad for a debut novel. But I sure have set the bar high for future books. 🙂

I haven’t hit the bestseller lists yet, but I at least I can say my book doesn’t suck. 😉


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