Independent Bookstore Day

Independent Bookstore Day– Woohoo!

On Saturday, April 28, I put my money where my mouth is and patronized my local independent bookseller in honor of Independent Bookstore Day. I found one MN author whom I’ve never read who has published several books and won some awards–Tim Jollymore. In addition, John Meixner, the owner of Little Professor Book Center in Owatonna (my local bookstore) recommended two other award-winning/bestselling MN authors–Leif Enger and Danielle Sosin. THAT’S the value of a good local bookstore. The owners and staff KNOW who ALL the outstanding authors are. They can turn you on to some potentially incredible reads.

Best of all, LPBC had a 20% discount on all books in the store to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day. So I got some good books at a great price. Best of all, no shipping cost and no waiting two or three days for the books to be delivered.

So instead of blindly buying the next national bestseller from your favorite “mega-author,” check out the recommendations your local bookstore has for you in that genre. Then get ready to┬áread some amazing books you might never have read if not for their curation skills.

By the way, LPBC is one of a handful of independent booksellers that stocks MY novel, Castle Danger.

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