Another Enjoyable Book Club Meeting

Thanks to Kathy F. for inviting me to meet with her book club the other day to discuss Castle Danger, authors, and writing in general. I’m always amazed (or lucky!) that every book club I’ve met with is filled with bright, inquisitive people who love to read and enjoy discussing the books they’ve read.

Another Enjoyable Book Club Meeting
“Kathy F’s” Book Club

They treated me to lunch (thank you again!) and we spent a leisurely two and a half hours trading questions, comments, and book suggestions. I get some great recommendations from book club members and I hope they read a few of my suggested authors.

As I’ve said before, meeting with readers is one of the serendipitous fringe benefits of being an author. To know that so many readers have been personally affected in some way (usually positiveĀ  šŸ™‚ )Ā  makes some of the long, tedious hours I spend grinding over rewrites and edits worth every minute.

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