A Book Festival Worth the Drive

Recently, I participated in a small-town book festival in Hackensack, MN. It’s an amazing arts community for its size (about 300 people). Hackensack is way-y-y up in north-central Minnesota between Brainerd and Bemidji. They pulled off a fantastic event featuring authors and artists from all over the region. Hats off to the Northwoods Arts Council for making the 23rd annual Northwoods Art & Book Festival a big success. It’s a book festival worth the drive.

Book Festival Worth the Drive
Not a cloud in the sky! The haze is from smoke drifting in from Canadian wildfires.

Event-organizer Sue Ready’s blog

Ready to sell and sign copies of Castle Danger

TV Coverage of NAC Art & Book Festival

More than 30 Minnesota authors filled this room. A wide variety of genres were represented.

If they’ll have me, I’ll be back in 2019! :-)


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