A Book Festival and a Pirate Festival in One Weekend

**Sorry folks. I forgot to post this last week.**

From the sublime to the ridiculous? Maybe just ” . . . to the silly and fun.”

Took Little Brother Ethan to the local presentation of the Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival in town last weekend, the day after I was signing books at the Northwoods Arts Council Art and Book Festival in Hackensack.

Pirates galore, plus re-enactors portraying folks from back in the days of the pirates. The food was modern day, but everyone else was dressed as they did in the 1700s or so. We watched an old-school wood chiseler, talked to a shoemaker who made shoes the way they did back then (interesting), tried our hand at knife throwing and ninja star throwing, and were entertained by a fire eater. Browsed some really cool knives, swords, battle axes, bows and arrows, staffs, and clothing. And of course, Ethan had to try his hand at steering the ship. 🙂

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