Wonderful News Regarding the Minnesota Author Project Awards

I’m shocked and surprised to announce that Castle Danger is one of three finalists for the 2018 Minnesota Author Project award for Adult Fiction sponsored by the Minnesota Library Association!

The MAP recognizes independently published fiction by Minnesota authors. It promotes those authors whose work might otherwise go unnoticed. the finalist’s books will be made available to libraries across the state through the MLA. The award is recognition that quality writing from any source deserves a place in local libraries.

I”m still pinching myself that I reached the finalist category. I’d be thrilled to win of course (there’s a $1000 prize along with some other perks!). But simply being acknowledged as having written a quality novel is rewarding all by itself.

The other two finalists are:

  • Nerve Damage, by Tom Combs
  • Betting on Paradise, by Lizbeth Selvig

Please check out their books as well. I’m sure they are equally deserving of this honor, if not more.

Stay tuned. The winner will be announced in about two weeks.

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