Manuscript has been Submitted!

Another milestone. I submitted the manuscript of Straight River to my publisher,, a few hours ago! WHEW! Next step is to get the final details for the cover, then send those to my cover designer, authorize the galley proof, and get it out to all of you who have been waiting so-o-o-o-o-o patiently for almost THREE YEARS.

Deciding on a cover is also a major milestone

I’ll talk about those struggles at my book launch party (and I want it to be a PARTY!) and at future signings. I’ll also be selling books at other events like Owatonna Crazy Days. Needless to say, today was a major relief for me. I spent many months wondering if I could turn this ugly duckling into a swan. I sincerely believe I at least turned Straight River into something much better than it was. You the reader will be the final judge.

Don’t forget, if you belong to a book club in the southern half of Minnesota or within about 100 miles of Owatonna (including Wisconsin and Iowa), I’d love to be invited to meet your group and discuss Straight River or Castle Danger. Just shoot me an email here or at chrisnorburywriter@gmail (dot) com.

I’ll see you at the book launch party (stay tuned) or a signing in your area.

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