Want to Know More About My Writing? Read on.

I was pleased to do an interview recently with the website thisiswriting.com. The interviewer asked excellent questions, mostly about Castle Danger, which I enjoyed answering. Click below to check it out.

Questions for Chris Norbury 

I’m also pleased to announce I’ve reached a significant milestone in the life of an author-publisher. As of the end of last Thursday’s Book Launch Celebration for Straight River at Central Park Coffee, I’ve passed 500 combined sales of both books–mostly Castle Danger, but about 20 copies of Straight River too. Thank you to every single buyer who took a chance on an old “new author” and read Castle Danger, then maybe told their friends about it or wrote a positive review. My next goal is to sell 1,000 books. I hope to reach that in half the time it took me to sell 500. Thanks again.

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