UW Writers’ Institute


Best part of UWWI is "networking"

Wrong! We have fun with each other–at least after hours at writing conferences. And yes, alcohol is often involved, but . . .

sometimes we just get silly at 1:30 in the afternoon as the book signing winds down. I actually managed to sell a few copies of Straight River, but I think Nick Chiarkas doubled me up with his excellent debut novel, Weepers.

Fellow Old Geezer author Nick Chiarkas

The socks are courtesy of the brilliantly talented Jennie Nash, founder of Author Accelerator, the morning’s keynote speaker and author coach extraordinaire. She gave away 150 pairs of these red socks. The message means we are the authors who choose NOT to walk away from one of the worst-paying, hardest jobs in the world–being an author. Why? For a thousand reasons, but basically because . . . we CAN’T walk away. It’s in our blood.

Here’s Jennie teaching a fortunate group of 16 who got to attend her master class on revising and rewriting a manuscript– The Stoplight Strategy for revising a manuscript.

Jennie Nash, the Stoplight Strategy

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