Another Terrific Bookstore–And More to Come

Another Terrific Bookstore

I visited another terrific bookstore yesterday for a signing–Paperbacks & Pieces in Winona MN. The owner, Shelley Olson, has been a mainstay at the store for some twenty years. She and her store seem to be an integral part of the town. So many customers who visited yesterday knew her by name and she knew them. That’s the greatest asset of small local businesses–personalized services. And the store has a huge assortment of used books in a spacious, comfortable environment. If you’re on a budget, buying used books and/or trading in your books for store credit is a great way to save money while feeding your book habit. And, as with all indie bookstores, Paperbacks & Pieces can order almost any book for you and get it for you within days.

More to Come

I’m doing a “doubleheader” next Saturday in the Metro Twin Cities. I’ll be visiting two awesome bookstores to sell and sign copies of my novel Straight River, the long-awaited prequel to Castle Danger.

Storefront. Hudson WI

I’ve got the east Metro covered in the morning and the west Metro covered in the afternoon. Put me on your schedule for one of these stores and I’ll see you there.

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