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Many of you aren’t aware that I’ve been writing a newsletter for several years now.

It’s subscription-based monthly newsletter with an opt-in required. It enables my biggest fans to access lots of special content on this website that non-subscribers can’t access. Some of the Exclusive Subscriber Content includes the playlists for each of my books. This is the music you read about at various points in the story. I’ve compiled the soundtracks at YouTube, so you can listen to the music as you read along (a bit tricky) or just get a deeper understanding of the scene, Matt’s emotions at the time, and the ambiance of the particular room or location. I’ve also included some pictures of the real Castle Danger MN. These are actual photos I took of a cabin in Castle Danger. I also included and some shots of Lake Superior.

There are also some clips of radio interviews I did (you get to hear my voice if you haven’t met me!) and other miscellanies. Subscribers are also the first people to learn about new book releases, upcoming book-signing appearances, and other important news.


In the May Newsletter, I revealed the redesigned cover for Castle Danger. 🙂 It’s pretty darn gorgeous if I do say. I went with the designer who created my Straight River cover. His name is Carl Graves of Extended Imagery. I feel his work is a bit more eye-catching and more closely resembles covers of most mystery/suspense/thriller novels being published today. 

The old cover was perfectly fine, serviceable, and captured the essence of what I wanted to see. But the new cover artist amplifies that essence and elevates it to a higher level. The “New Cover Version” of Castle Danger won’t be available to purchase for at least a few weeks. But if your curiosity is piqued and you really want to get a look at the new cover, sign up for my newsletter between now and Monday morning, May 13, and I will send you the current newsletter that includes the cover reveal.

Sign up is easy. Simply go to the Home page of my website and fill out the Newsletter Subscription Form at the top of the righthand sidebar. After you confirm your subscription, I’ll shoot the May issue out to you ASAP.

However, please note that the monthly newsletter subscription is NOT the same as following this blog. You can subscribe to either, both, or none. Of course, I prefer you to follow this blog for up-to-date information on my appearances and news about my books and writing. The blog is intended to showcase more of my personality (such as my monthly “Little Known Fact About Me,” a monthly “Ear Candy” musical selection, the book I’m currently reading, and my review of the book I finished reading just before sending out the newsletter.

Once you sign up and check out the new cover, I’d love to know what you think. Drop me a note in the comment section on any page of my website.

Thanks for reading.

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