Event Reminder–Owatonna Public Library

One week from today I’ll be at the Owatonna Public Library for something a bit different. I’ll give my first PowerPoint presentation ever.  (So come watch me crash and burn!) 😈 ) The topic is titled, “Everything you always wanted to know about writing a novel (but were afraid to ask).” (Catchy title, huh? I stole it from the classic sex-education book of the 1970s.)

I’ll bare my soul and share some of my personal experience and financial information, by answering questions such as:

  • “How much do authors earn?”
  • “How long does it really take to write a book?”
  • “What constitutes a bestseller?”
  • “Does winning an award guarantee success?” and
  • “Do I need a Master of Fine Arts degree to be able to write a novel?”

I hope it will jump-start a question-and-answer session with the audience about writing novels in this day and age. Afterward, I’ll be selling and signing copies of my new novel, Straight River, the first book in the planned Matt Lanier mystery-thriller series. So if you missed my book launch events in Owatonna last winter, here’s your chance to pick up a signed copy of Straight River just in time for that summer beach read you’ve been looking for.

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Matt Lanier, #1)

Mark the date and time: Tuesday, June 4, 7:00 p.m. Owatonna Public Library, 105 N. Elm Ave., Owatonna MN.


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