Event Reminder and NEW EVENTS Booked


I’ll be at Buffalo Books & Coffee this Saturday from 10 am until Noon. Some lucky customer there will be the first person to buy a signed copy of Castle Danger with its NEW COVER. (Shown below)

New cover to resemble Straight River cover

I’m not saying it’ll be a collector’s item or anything like that, but it’s always cool to buy the “first” version of most items.

Two new events booked for the ever-expanding “Straight River Book Tour.”

Hopkins Raspberry Festival Marketplace Craft Fair

Saturday, July 20, from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. I’ll make another trip to Hopkins and participate in this event for the first time. SImilar to the Mainstreet Day of last month, the organizers block off Main Street in downtown Hopkins and fill the space with vendors of all sorts of arts, crafts, merchandise (like new novels!), food, and politicians (Well, we can’t keep them away forever, can we?).

Raspberry Fest marketplace craft fair

Beagle & Wolf Books & Bindery

Friday, August 9, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. This is another new bookstore for me to add to my “Visited” list. It’s way up in Park Rapids, MN, so unless you’re up there at your own cabin or campground, it’s a bit of a drive just to see me.

Beagle & Wolf Books

However, I managed to schedule my appearance the day before my appearance at the Northwoods Arts Council Art & Book Festival in the vibrant little town of Hackensack, MN. I’m thrilled that I could schedule two distant events on consecutive days so I can save travel and mileage costs. 🙂 Thanks to Sally Wizik Wills of Beagle & Wolf for being flexible with her event booking!

NAC Art & Book Festival

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