Straight River Book Tour Resumes After a Hiatus

My Straight River Book Tour has exceeded my expectations and has kept me busy almost weekly since March with signings and other events. I’ve had a much-appreciated restful, yet productive break of five weeks. I’m mainly working on the outline for the sequel to Castle Danger! (Almost done). I’ll be back in book-signing action with an all-day booth at the world-famous Hopkins, MN Raspberry Festival. The festival’s Marketplace Fair will happen on Saturday, July 20, from 9:00 to 4:00 pm. I’ll have a booth on the south side of Main Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. It’s a similar event to the Mainstreet Day event I participated in back in May in downtown Hopkins. So if you missed me then, come on out to a wonderful community celebration and buy a signed copy of Straight River and Castle Danger for your collection of books signed by their authors.

Hiatus Activities

The highlight of my break so far (or lowlight in this case) was my solo canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). I’ve been soloing at least once a year since 2008, but I missed going last year. I was eager for a great trip but it nearly turned out disastrously. I lost my footing once on a portage and came close to breaking my leg (or spraining something or wrecking my knee). Additionally, the mosquitoes were the worst I can remember in my canoeing experience going back 50+ years. And I also had a comedy of errors the first day of the trip that almost led me to give up on the trip and find a campground somewhere along Lake Superior for the duration. Still, a bad trip in the BWCAW often creates good memories (and some laughs if you live to tell about it.).

I can’t be sure, but I’m quite positive I saw a cougar swimming across one of the lakes I paddled on. I couldn’t get close enough for a positive ID. However, there have been other sightings of those beautiful cats up there and elsewhere in Minnesota.

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

So, I assure you those scenes and events in the BWCAW in my fiction books are all based on experience.

This week, I’m playing in my favorite golf tournament of the year with my best friend from Palm Springs. We rarely do well, but we always have lots of laughs and create some fond memories.

The rest of my time has been spent watching it rain here in southern MN. We have received nearly twice as much precipitation as is normal so far this year. Ugh! But I’ve attended a 90th birthday party, got the new cover for Castle Danger out into the world, gorged on locally grown fresh strawberries, had lunch with Mom and step-Dad, and enjoyed watching the MN Twins tear up the American League the first half of the season.

I’ll be refreshed and ready to sell books in person again starting July 20. I hope to see you at one of my summer or early fall events. Check my Events and Appearances page for details.


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