Fun with Loons, the MN State Bird

Not fun with loons as in real-life flying, swimming birds. Fun with the MN United FC’s mascot, PK Loon. Showing off our cool team scarves that we got for participating.

Me, PK Loon, and Little Brother Ethan after a soccer clinic

Well, Ethan participated in the drills and scrimmages. I was more or less a human pylon and encourager.

Ethan's fancy ball handling

This is just another great example of the activities Bigs and Littles can participate in through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN. If you love helping kids, BBBS needs volunteers. Especially MEN! The waiting list of children in our chapter is usually around 200, and about two-thirds of those kids are boys.

This is what I do when I’m not writing books like Straight River, Castle Danger, and now, a sequel to CD. Lots of fun and I get to be a kid again. But it was HOT and HUMID last night! And the Loons made the playoffs this season for the first time! I hope there’ll be lots more fun with loons this year.

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