Year-End Review Challenge

Straight River is selling much better in its first year than Castle Danger did, yet reviews for Straight River are lagging behind the pace set by Castle Danger reviews in year one. Hence, my Year-End Review Challenge.

Ten reviews are the minimum I prefer to see before I consider a book. One hundred reviews give me a good consensus of the readers’ enjoyment of that book. Castle Danger is about halfway to 100 reviews from all sites. It’d be great if Straight River can get to 100 first. But my challenge to you is to post 30 NEW reviews/ratings for Straight River before the start of 2020. 

THIRTY BEFORE TWENTY! Sixty days left to get thirty new reviews/ratings. It doesn’t matter which website you post a review on. And don’t feel obligated to write a positive review. Be honest–positive or negative. The important thing is to post a review or rating on your preferred website. I’ll post an update weekly.

As of 11/1/2019, Straight River has a total of TWENTY-FOUR (24) ratings and/or reviews. The target is FIFTY-FOUR (54). Please take five minutes to write a review and START POSTING. Be a positive part of this Straight River Year-End Review Challenge. Thanks.



Year-end Review Challenge














PS- Don’t forget about the Dakota County Local Author Fair on Saturday, Nov. 2, from Noon-3 at the Galaxie Library in Apple Valley. Click HERE for details.

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