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Upcoming Event Are you writing a book? Have you published a book? Are you curious about the publishing business in the 21st Century? Then come on down to the Winona Public Library in Winona MN this Saturday. At 10:00 a.m. I’ll present an informative session about my experiences with the business side of self-publishing my novels.

SAT, November 23, 10:00 am. Winona Public Library. Sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Writers Guild. Great River Writes Series. “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Novel Writing but Were Afraid to Ask.”

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Even though I’ll discuss my experience as a novelist, non-fiction writers are also welcome. The business of publishing is similar across all genres. I’ll use sales data from my books, Straight River and Castle Danger, to illustrate costs, profits, and to answer some of the more personal questions that people are often reluctant to ask about authors. My goal is to enlighten and stimulate a wider range of questions than most authors field during their author presentations.

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