Another Milestone

It may be just another milestone for some authors, but for me, it’s huge! As of this month, January 2020, I have officially sold more than 1,000 copies of my books to you wonderful readers. I had no expectations that anyone would buy a book I had written, so every sale seems like a bonus.  I’m amazed and gratified that so many of you read one of my titles. I’m more gratified that many of those first buyers subsequently bought the second title.

Straight River Cover

Castle Danger leads the way of course with 656 total sales. After an excellent rookie year, Straight River tallied 350 sales in just over ten months.

Due to the vagaries and slowness of sales being credited to me by Ingram Spark, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, et al., I’ve actually sold quite a few more books to date than the numbers show. I’ve still to receive sales figures from as far back as September 2019. But I’ll count 1,000 sales as the minimum. This milestone is a big deal for me. Statistics show that the vast majority of authors never sell more than 250 copies of their books. Another sizeable majority never sell more than 500 copies. So to reach 1,000 tells me that I’m doing something right with the quality of my writing, the marketing efforts I’ve made, and the value you the customer have gotten from reading my books. 

I make an almost sacred vow that I owe you the best book I can produce that won’t waste your valuable reading time OR your hard-earned money. As I work on the sequel to Castle Danger, that vow is always foremost in my mind. Someday in the not-too-distant future, I hope to be sharing the announcements of hitting other sales goals and personal accomplishments.

So once again, THANK YOU for your business and your loyalty.

*PS–don’t forget to post a brief online review of either book at or (you can simply give each book a star rating at Goodreads–very quick and easy. 😎

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