Covid-19 Crisis-10 Silver Linings

.Unfortunately, most of the world is pre-occupied with worries about Coronavirus and COVID-19. I hate writing about topics other than books, authors, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. However, because I’ve had a lot of time to think about the crisis since the golf courses are still closed and all my book events have been canceled through April at minimum, I tried to be positive and look for COVID-19 silver linings in this once-in-a-lifetime dark cloud. Here goes.

10 Silver Linings of the COVID-19 Crisis

  1. Kids seem to be rediscovering the joys of playing outside.
  2. Families may become closer because of more time spent together due to shelter-in-place policies.
  3. Pollution may decrease thanks to less motorized travel, more telecommuting. 
  4. Businesses may discover they can forego most face-to-face meetings that necessitate long hours of driving or flying and waste the time of personnel. This may improve overall productivity.
  5. Governments may realize it makes sense to retain critical manufacturing resources rather than ship it overseas. Why should we depend on a country like China to make all our drugs, respirators, ventilators, etc.? Better to be self-reliant.
  6. Many more people are exercising because they now have time thanks to shelter-in-place orders. This country may dramatically improve its overall health.
  7. Teachers and medical professionals have shown they deserve far greater respect, honor, and pay. Let’s regard them as heroes of the unsung variety. Maybe those who are grossly under-compensated for their work (Teachers and nurses) will get major raises in pay and benefits.
  8. What seems to be menial jobs like janitors, restaurant workers, daycare providers, grocery store clerks, and stockers, etc., will gain more respect and hopefully more pay because the public now realizes how important those services are to our daily lives.
  9. Government leaders may realize that they can’t kick problems down the road forever. We knew a pandemic was inevitable but did nothing to prepare. Hopefully, this will be the last time the US is unprepared for anything.
  10. Because they can’t go to movies, concerts, plays, etc., many people have much more time to read. (Yes, it’s a selfish silver lining for this author.) I’ve got a plan brewing to offer my readers and customers a special deal on Straight River, Castle Danger, and Cooked to Death, Vol. V: Restaurant in Peace. Check back soon.

Your thoughts? How are you getting along? Any other silver linings. Share something positive you’ve seen in the last month.

Here’s a good article from Forbes magazine about how to face this crisis with a positive attitude. What do you think?

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