Marketing During a Pandemic

With COVID-19 here to stay, marketing during a pandemic is a challenge for all businesses. Authors are no exception. Most of us schedule numerous book signings and book fairs during the year. These events are where we get to meet some of the most interesting and wonderful people. Namely, book readers and book lovers. With enforced social distancing, live book signings and book fairs are not safe, so we aren’t doing any until it is safe.

To compensate for not being able to personally sign the books you buy from me, I’ve set up a website where you can buy a signed copy of all three of my books. Straight River, and Castle Danger of course.  The third book is Cooked to Death, Vol. V: Restaurant in Peace. My short story, “Killer Fish Tacos,” is included in this anthology.

The best part, I will send them to you at no charge. That’s right. FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Here’s the link to the page on my new website where you can buy:

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Going forward, I’ll keep the shopping website available through a page on titled BUY SIGNED COPIES.

This is a new endeavor, so be patient with me. I’ll send your book(s) as soon as I get your order. But technical difficulties may crop up. I’m NOT a techie. E-commerce is new to me. Rest assured it is safe and secure. But you WILL receive your order ASAP. I’ll use USPS Media Mail which normally takes about five (5) business days to arrive.

Thanks for your support. And remember, I donate one dollar ($1.00) to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota for every book of mine you buy.

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