Do Something Positive During the Pandemic

Do you feel the urge to do something positive during the pandemic but don’t know what to do? Maybe you’re in a high-risk group (age, pre-existing condition, poor general health). But you feel great now and want to help those who need help or comfort or an escape from the “new normal.”

First of all, donate money to organizations that are helping first-responders, medical research, providing PPEs to medical personnel and nursing home workers.

Second, DONATE BLOOD! Contact the American Red Cross to find a blood drive near you.

Third, if you are able to volunteer in some meaningful way, please do.

But if you’re like me: older, living with someone who’s at higher risk, with parents you don’t want to infect either, helping can be tough.


If you have a parent, relative, or friend who IS at high risk, send them a gift. In particular, a book. You’ll help relieve the boredom for someone who’s stuck at home. And you’ll be helping two other ways if you buy the book from a local bookstore you like. The bookstore will get business, and the author will earn a royalty too. Especially if you buy a book written by a local author or an author who’s not a regular on bestseller lists. Like me. 🙂

The timing is right because Mothers’ Day is coming up soon. Father’s Day is just around the corner. My parents are both in their mid-80s and have been laying low since the shelter-in-place orders were enacted. I can’t safely spend Mothers’ Day with Mom. Dad’s 1300 miles away in Arizona. If you’re parents (or other older friends or relatives, or people you know with health concerns) think about sending them a book as a gift.

Here are three suggestions for the mystery-suspense-thriller fans in your life:

To buy any of these books for someone who’d appreciate a diversion from today’s turmoil, check out my online store. It’s quick and easy. I’ll personally sign each book you buy. Best of all, shipping is free. If you want to help your local bookstore, please order and buy these books from them. But I won’t be able to sign them. If you’re buying the book as a gift for Mom or Dad or someone else and want it personalized to them, let me know at I’ll double-check the order and address my signature to whoever you designate. Don’t forget, with each purchase of my books, you’ll also be helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN. I donate $1.00 to BBBS for every book you buy from any source. If you want to buy from your local bookstore, find it quickly by clicking the red banner below.

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit

Thank you and stay healthy and positive. And please do what you can to help your corner of the world make it through the pandemic.

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