Another Cancellation; R&R on the North Shore

Yet another cancellation has hit my book-signing schedule this year. The Deep Valley Book Festival scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 3, has been changed to a virtual event on Oct. 3 & 4. Check my Events & Appearances page for updated times and details.

It’s been a tough spring and summer for all authors, musicians, performers, athletes, and entertainers of any kind who depend on live audiences or in-person events to earn a living. I hope we all realize the important role arts and leisure activities play in our society. I also hope we stop taking for granted simple things like being able to go to a favorite restaurant or bar to meet friends and family and socialize. Or going to the library or bookstore and browsing for your next great read. Or going to a live concert or play and enjoying the music or the acting. We’re all the poorer for not having as much art and culture in our lives as we used to.

Rest and Relaxation in one of my favorite places on Earth

Here are some photos of the Lake and the area that inspired my novel, Castle Danger.

Palisade Head
Palisade Head, MN
Devil Track River Canyon hike sign
Devil Track River Canyon hike sign
Devil Track River Canyon, Chris & Sandra
Chris & Sandra, Devil Track River Canyon
Weirdest yard stuff ever, Colvill, MN
Weirdest yard stuff ever, Colvill, MN
N. Shore wildflowers
N. Shore wildflowers
Devil's Kettle, Brule River MN
Devil’s Kettle, Brule River MN
Looking from our rented condo toward Grand Marais MN
Looking from our rented condo toward Grand Marais MN

I’ll post the rest of the good photos on my Exclusive Newsletter Subscriber page. If you want access to those photos and many more items of interest about me and my writing, please sign up for my “pretty much monthly” newsletter HERE.

With summer in full swing, make sure you have some great beach or cabin reads to bring with you while you get your own R&R. Signed copies of my books are available through my web store, which you can access HERE. Or click the button below.

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