BBBS Summer Fun

Being a Big Brother or Sister in Minnesota is all about BBBS summer fun.

Even with pandemic restrictions, Bigs do the best we can to connect with our Littles. Fortunately, outdoor activities have leaped to the forefront of match activity options. My Little Brother, Ethan, and I have gone biking, swimming, kicked the soccer ball around, and done yard work. He’s quite the diligent worker! I haven’t persuaded him to caddy for me on the golf course yet. But I’m working on it.

Our latest adventure was a first for both of us. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). It’s similar to surfing. But unlike surfing, you don’t need waves and an ocean. In fact, it’s easier to learn with no waves on a lake.

Ethan on his SUP

We picked the hottest day of the summer so far, so getting out on our local lake was a good activity.

Ethan, of course, got the hang of balancing and paddling on the board right away. This old man managed not to fall. But I spent far more time keeping my balance than I did propelling myself forward. Ethan literally paddled circles around me! 

me on an SUP

Of course, we needed a reward for mastering a new sport, so we headed to our favorite soft-serve ice cream joint afterward. I hope Ethan will remember the day and the fact that he can try something new and succeed at it. The life lesson is he’ll be less intimidated the next time he’s faced with a new situation. He knows he can surprise himself and do something he never thought possible.

Ethan on SUP

That’s what Big Brothers Big Sisters strives to achieve with mentoring: help children discover their potential.

Please consider becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family.

Then you can be a kid again and make your own BBBS Summer fun with your Little Brother or Sister. There are so many ways to be a mentor. If you’re not ready for that, how about buying one of my books? If you buy any of my books: Straight River, Castle Danger, or Cooked to Death, Vol. V: Restaurant in Peace, I’ll donate ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) to BBBS of Southern MN to help them serve disadvantaged youths and recruit new Bigs.

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