Progress Report

I’ve been lax at keeping you up to date on my next book, so here’s a progress report:


The REAL Straight River in its late-winter glory
A sunny Straight River

I’m making slow progress on finishing the first draft. A few scenes and characters don’t feel quite right so I’ve added a new character and will probably delete one that I initially created. Struggling with a satisfying ending.

I’m starting to home in on a book title. I may do another survey soon that will allow me to compile more responses. For the survey I recently ran through Survey Monkey, I was only allowed to collect 40 responses. I think I had another 10 that I couldn’t even see. Should have read the fine print I guess. 🙁

Online reviews are trickling in. Thanks to all who’ve read Straight River and/or Castle Danger and took the time to post a short review (good or bad, every review helps). It means a lot to me.

I’ll be going up to the real Castle Danger in the near future. Maybe sitting on the shore of Lake Superior will give me some inspiration and energize me. And the impending golf season always gets my mind in a different place so writing ideas and characters can percolate in my subconscious.

I recently received my second COVID vaccination, which was a big relief. I feel like I now have a fighting chance against the virus if it ever visits my body. My wife received her second vaccination yesterday! Our household is now much more relaxed than it has been for a year. But we’ll keep wearing our masks (per CDC guidelines) to minimize the risk of spreading the virus to others who haven’t been vaccinated. Apparently, vaccinated people can still host the virus, have no symptoms, but still spread it to others. We’re tired of the economy being in lockdown so we’ll do our small part to end that.

Stay positive, test negative, and be patient with your old scribe. He’s still and always toiling away to write the best book he can for his valued and respected readers.

Feel free to share your own Progress Report about anything important in your life in the comments.

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