Thanks for FIFTY Book Reviews


While checking my Author Page this week I discovered I just received my 50th review of my two novels, Straight River (26 reviews) and Castle Danger (24 reviews). Thanks for FIFTY book reviews, everyone!

Straight River Cover

Hitting fifty is a modest milestone that implies at least some longevity in the author biz. I’m certainly not in the big leagues of book reviews yet. Bestsellers routinely received hundreds of reviews. Some get thousands. But thousands of books only get a handful of reviews (for whatever reason), so I’m at least out of the beginner stage.

A Little Favor to Ask

I also noticed I have ninety-four (94) total ratings and reviews combined. Forty-four star ratings along with those fifty reviews. I’d LOVE to reach 100 reviews/ratings by August 1. How about doing your favorite author a solid and posting either a review or a simple star rating? Just go to your account and find the book/books of mine you read. Click on “Write a Review.” Then either write a few sentences or more in the review box or simply click on a star at the top of the review section. (1 star through 5 stars–5 being the highest). If six readers who haven’t posted something yet do that this weekend I’ll hit one hundred! Woo-hoo.

If you’ve already posted a review or two, thank you. If not, it only takes a few minutes and makes a big difference for my marketing efforts. Triple-digit reviews/ratings mean I’m serious about my career. And I am. Thanks for your help. And again, thanks for fifty book reviews.

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