Decision Time For a Book Title


Greetings, loyal fans, and readers. It’s decision time for a book title for my next book and I’d love to get input from you. Below is the link to a survey with ten (10) possible book titles that either I’ve thought up or my readers and fans have suggested to me.

To participate, please click on the link below and select your favorite title(s)–up to three. One of those can be a write-in title at the bottom of the form in the “Other” blank.

I’ll compile your responses, then decide on a title partly based on those results. I’ll also base my choice on gut feeling as well as market research to see if a certain title has been used in other books. For example, if there are numerous other books with the same title as one I’m considering, I may choose another title so readers won’t be confused and buy a book with the more common title from a different author.

For reference, the first two books in my Matt Lanier mystery-thriller series are Straight River and Castle Danger. That’s why a few of the possible titles in the survey contain one or more of those words.

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