Revisions are Done. Time to Celebrate

A Writing Milestone Reached

Dangerous Straits print cover
Dangerous Straits print cover

I’m pleased to announce my revisions are done on Dangerous Straits. That means it’s time to CELEBRATE! 😛 

A sparkling wine celebration
My liquid gold reward

The release date for Dangerous Straits draws ever closer. I wish I could tell you exactly when, but that depends on some factors outside my control. Even so, I still need to do proofreading, formatting, uploading, back cover design, and a few other tasks. Based on the scuttlebutt I hear about the current state of the publishing industry and supply chain issues, it’s safe to say that the eBook version will be released before the print version. I’ll keep everyone posted.

In the meantime, you can still order signed copies of all my books at my store website and have them delivered for no extra charge above my usual $20 price for book signing events.

CSN Press website

Just click on the BUY button below and follow the prompts.

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