Asking a favor

Can I ask you a favor?

Sales for Dangerous Straits are off to a good start in the first two months. The majority of the people I talk to who have read it say they liked it a lot! BUT . . .

It would help my sales a lot, and by extension, generate more donations to BBBS of Southern MN, if those of you who have read Dangerous Straits took a few minutes to post an online review either at,, or Barnes& (Or your favorite review website if not one of these.) I’m not asking for anything detailed or the length of a review you might see in a big-city newspaper or book review publication. Just post a few sentences on why you liked the book (or why not). You won’t offend me or hurt my feelings with a negative review. Just keep it respectful and about the book, not about me.)

I can’t put words in your mouth or write something for you to copy and paste, but here are a few things you could incorporate into a short paragraph review:
  • Did the story keep your attention?
  • Was the pace good? (Did it keep you turning the page to find out what happened next?)
  • Was there a character who stood out as being memorable? Unique? Well-defined?
  • Did you get a good feeling for the settings of the different scenes?
  • Was the dialogue realistic?
  • Were there plot twists that kept you guessing as to how the story would end?

Clicking on the links of the three websites I mentioned above will take you directly to the webpage for D.S. where you can post a review. Here they are again:,, or Barnes&  Thanks.

Event Reminders

Tomorrow at the Owatonna Public Library will be lots of fun. Hope to see you there for some coffee and conversation.

Bowl for KIds' Sake

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