Mainstreet Day Recap

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Saturday was a chilly day in Hopkins for the Mainstreet Day Arts & Crafts Fair. Nothing unusual for Minnesota. Some years we get snow in May! But my book sales were as brisk as the weather. Thankfully the wind wasn’t too bad. The sun peeked out a few times, prompting some of us to emerge from under our canopy tents and stand in the middle of the street to warm up.

Sellinig books at Mainstreet Day

As you can see, I spent a lot of time with my hands in my pockets trying to keep them warm. I even struggled when I signed books because my fingers were a bit stiff! I saw a few familiar faces, made some new fans, and sold quite a few books (for me). The wind was just strong enough that I didn’t put up the sidewalls of my tent because I didn’t want to turn the rig into a parasail. Better late than never, I got the bright idea to angle my book displays so the pages wouldn’t flap around in the breeze.

Mainstreet Day table display

And it was tough to resist the kettle corn vendor across the street who made a batch of one of my favorite types of popcorn every 5-10 minutes. But I did despite the wonderful aromas that wafted my way!

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(All photos in this post are courtesy of Bob Metoxen, a great advocate for artists and small businesses.)

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The TCK Publishing Readers Choice Awards voting is still in progress.

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Dangerous Straits has been nominated and I’d love to win the contest. All you need to do to help is CAST YOUR VOTE! It’s easy. Just click on this link: TCK Readers Choice Awards vote. Then click on the right arrow to get to Category 9–Thrillers. Scroll down until you see the cover of Dangerous Straits, and click on it. 

If you’d like to show your appreciation even more, please share the link with others you know who’ve read Dangerous Straits and think it’s worthy of a vote. There are dozens of books nominated in the category, so it won’t take a huge plurality of votes to win because votes will be spread across so many titles. Every single vote is important. Thanks.


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